Thrifting with my sis

So my sister and her husband have been here for 5 fantastic days so far.  I always knew we were alike and besides my partner, she is my closest best friend.  Still, when neighbours and teammates ask if we are twins, or our mom says on the phone that after a few days together our voices and intonations have melded together, I should not have been surprised to realise we were in direct competition with one another during a charity shop hop.  On Thursday we decided to run through the charity shops in town and soon learned that while I scanned the nick nack shelves and children’s rack for potential souvenirs, she was busy honing in on the shirts I would have grabbed! We wear the same size and have overlapping senses of style.

As she paid for a cute teal shirt in the first store, I jokingly commented that she might ‘forget’ to pack the shirt when she leaves.  In the next store where she found another cute teal/aqua shirt, she was thoughtful and let me try it on.  At that same shop, I found two football jerseys for them to pick up for my nephew, who plays in a soccer league at home.  We all left happy.  Here’s a shot of the new shirt. I am thinking about either hemming the bottom up several inches, or making slits at each side to create more of a tunic shape.  The first few wears I’ll keep it the same to see how I feel.

thrift tunic jamie visit

Incidentally, I learned that we also play Monopoly in the very same way-  in moving the game piece and our property buying strategies…much to the occasional frustration of both our partners! It’s good to have my sister here!


  1. If you hired me as your personal shopper, I’d always (almost always) let you get the great finds.

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