‘To Live is the Rarest Thing in the World’

Sometime last year I came across this Oscar Wilde quote: ‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all’ and felt that it was the perfect reminder.
When I find myself timidly holding back from ideas or plans for fear that they won’t go perfectly, fretting about the future and wondering if we’ll ever pass on to the next positive rite of passage, or not being grateful for every breathing moment enjoyed by my family or my body, I need something to bring me back to the present. Something to remind me to reflect on everything that we have right now in our lives.

Now, with just a flash of the wrist I have that reminder. After searching for the right size, shape and style of bracelet for a long time, I found this bracelet and a seller on Etsy. After finding out that aandlengraving would engrave two lines of text, we ordered this bracelet for my Christmas.


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